Land Rover

I had a 2008 Range Rover L3222 HSE NA 2008. I loved it! At about 54,850 km, I started getting intermittent reduced engine efficiency warnings that began to result in engine not starting and not cracking, only switches on. Check on touch screen display cuts off by it while driving at normal speed. Sometimes, it shows blank screen. Check engine light occasionally would come on as well. I had my mechanic replace Battery and cable assy. For repairs and troubles, I took it to the Land Rover dealer (Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors which cost me S.R. 3,778). Same problem repeating soon after two days from the repair. Now, the Land Rover dealer informed me of steering problem which would cost me around S.R. 18,000 plus. Please advise.

I am a disabled US Marine and made report to the US Government about this problem with this Land Rover LR2 HSE 2008. I asked for recall because this is a dangerous problem with this Land Rover LR2 HSE. If this gets attention from the public, its going to someone soon enough. This Land Rover LR2 has two pumps in the front and the pump to fix this problem is at the bottom (and SE too). So the problem is big because my dealer told me that the pump costs $25.26 and to fix it, they need to remove the front bumper to replace the new pump. The cost to remove the bumper is between $150 and $200 (to replace a windshield pump on this Land Rover LR2 HSE 2008).

Now I think the price is outrageous to replace a windshield washer pump on this Land Rover LR2 and its dangerous if this happens on the highway. We need DOT too and US Government to recall this Land Rover LR2 as soon as possible because they only last 12,000 miles, so this problem is serious. Theres a need to recall this Land Rover LR2 HSE and SE vehicles. I need this problem on my Land Rover LR2 HSE to be solved by the dealership as soon as possible!

I had a 2006 Range Rover Sport HSE. I loved it! At about 90,000 km, I started getting intermittent "reduced engine efficiency" warnings that began to result in low speed stalls. Check engine light occasionally would come on as well. I had my mechanic replace several sensors. Then I took it to the Land Rover dealer (in the next city) who diagnosed a mass airflow sensor as the culprit. This was changed but it kept reoccurring. More diagnostics (and the money associated with that) and resetting of the codes: same mafs but nothing was wrong with the sensor! Land Rover was unhelpful and quite frankly, disinterested. I guess the repeated cost resetting charges were making everyone happy (except me). So, I bought a 2013 Ford Explorer, a great vehicle at a half the cost, same great cargo space, better ride (!) and a more accessible dealer network. Its a great truck.

Im very disappointed in Land Rover. I currently have a Mercedes E-class which Ive had for almost 10 years without any significant issues, as well as a summer-only 5-year old Porsche that has cost me only oil changes. I dont mind spending money on vehicles, but I wont be loyal to a brand that cant fix their own vehicles properly. Good riddance, Landie, forever.

Its only two years old and a piece of **. My Rover didnt even make it out of warranty before it had issues. I had replaced the alternator just before the warranty was up. About 4 months after the warranty was up, I had small issues with the vehicle. Exactly 1 year after I replaced the alternator, I had to replace it again, and this alternator is overpriced like you wouldnt believe! My vehicle is now currently sitting in a transmission shop, where they just called and told me that I needed to just trade in my vehicle because I have over 30 codes wrong in the diagnostics. My rear end, and my engine is next to go out in my vehicle! The transmission shop is not even charging me for the service, and he said that he wouldnt feel right fixing the transmission, when the engine in the rear and is about to go out of my vehicle too. I wish that Land Rover was that honest with me when I bought my vehicle. I am a previous Mercedes owner. I will never, in this lifetime, ever purchase another Land Rover.

In January 2012, we experienced a blow out on front driver side of our 2008 Black Range Rover, which tore up the wiring harness that was above the wheel well. Land Rover was unable to secure parts to fix the vehicle, namely the wiring harness, for seven months. During the seven months they had the vehicle, they had told us they would take care our financial costs to rent a vehicle during this time due to them not being able to loan us a car from the dealership. They have now refused to help with any of the $3,944 worth of expenses we incurred from renting another vehicle to drive during that seven months. They have been terrible to deal with and are liars.

After dozens of emails and phone calls to them during these seven months confirming that they would reimburse the charges after the vehicle was fixed, they have basically now said they cant do anything for us. I will never ever purchase another Land Rover.